Training a miniature horse driving team! and more fun training! This is Stormy the miniature horse case study. I have BIG plans for this Tiny horse! I'm sharing this because case studies have really helped me with horses training in the past! Check it out! #miniaturehorsetraining

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I’ve posted before a little on Stormy in this post-Miniature Horse for Driving. Stormy was my first miniature horse so he was my first experience training a miniature horse. It was obviously a good experience because I now have 7 miniature horses!

All About Stormy and how can I expand his training?

I like to say if Stormy was a big horse I probably couldn’t keep him! Not because he’s hard for me to handle but because he’s a loner with a large personal space when it comes to the other horses and donkeys!

He’s a 30-inches of attitude! Not exactly the common definition of a gelding! Geldings are supposed to be laid back and easy going right? Not my Stormy! Now, he’s fantastic with me and with people in general. He’s a people horse all the way!

He came to me already trained for obstacles and driving, so he was the perfect miniature horse to start with for a beginner driver like myself! He does things with confidence and enthusiasm, most of the time!

When I started training him for some simple tricks he got them so fast it actually made a beginner like me feel like, hey I can actually train a miniature horse! I had had very limited success with trick training my bigger horses. Stormy made it easy on me. A real confidence booster!

Miniature horse training! How I'm getting my loner driving horse to team up with a driving partner! #drivinghorsetraining #miniaturehorse

Beginning Trick Training a Miniature Horse

Real quick I want to share how I got started trick training my horses for FREE!

Not all free horses training information on the internet is helpful but these videos from Horse Trix are good and got me started with teaching simple horse tricks like doing a smile and saying yes and no.

I’ve put together a Trick Training guide to help anyone interested Tricks to Teach Your Horse {Beginners Guide}

Beginning Liberty Training With a Miniature Horse

Training Stormy to do liberty was also a breeze after trying to train my bigger horses. My pony mare really likes liberty stuff, if she knows food is involved! But she quickly loses interest if she sees it’s not. Stormy likes food treats too but if not available he still will play along for the fun of it!

This is an amazing feeling! Having your horse want to play along of their own free will! Just amazing! We all want that feeling that our horses actually like doing things with us!

Getting started with liberty training was tough for me though. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in the $300 dvds and courses I keep seeing so I tried youtube. Most stuff on youtube for free liberty horse training is going to be basic but that’s ok when you are starting out!

I found this video here by a lovely young horse trainer named Ellie. Beginning Liberty Horse training

And this video from a lady named Sam, Beginning Liberty Basics

From there is did join Mustang Maddy’s group on Facebook when it was only $10 a month when Stormy started getting better and ready for some trickier stuff. It’s quite a bit higher now but she’s a really good trainer and worth the investment if liberty is something you want to pursue with your horses on a more advanced level. And her club is still less expensive than most DVDs and courses on liberty training.

Big Training For a Tiny Miniature Horse

My big plan for Stormy this year is to have him team up with another miniature horse, Dreamy. I recently had the opportunity to buy a team harness and Doctors buggy from a large miniature horse breeder that was selling out due to health problems. The doctors buggy was such a steal I couldn’t not buy it! However, it’s too big for one miniature horse to pull but a team would be perfect!

The real challenge in this is Stormy being a loner and anti-social with the other horses. Honestly, they are scared of him and don’t want to even stand near him!

So as you can see this could be a big problem for a team of driving horses!

The Training plan for my TEAM!

So exactly how do I get Dreamy to team up with Stormy when she doesn’t even want to stand next to him? Any horse who gets near Stormy risks being bit and they all know it! My answer to this problem: Team Hiking!

If you’ve been on my blog you’ll know I love to hike/jog with my horses! It’s a fantastic way for us to stay fit! me and them! You can get so much done during a hoke with a horse. You can read more about how I start that here A Simple Equestrian Workout with Your Horse!

While hiking with Stormy on one side and Dreamy on the other he finally started to accept her!

Training miniature horse Stormy for many things! Including getting this loner to accept Dreamy as a driving partner!

Now it wasn’t easy because at first Dreamy was very scared but once I got their feet moving everyone quickly forgot about whos standing where. It was all about watching my body language, are we going to slow down, speed up?

Dreamy and Stormy are both used to hiking and training with me alone. So if you plan to try this to help your minis (or any horses) bond for team training I suggest you get them used to listening for your commands and reading your body language. This is pretty important.

Next Steps in forming my driving team

Next, I started tying them out beside each other away from the other horses. Example, like if I’m outside gardening I’ll take them and lead them up by the garden, tie them out so no one can kick the other, just in case, and leave them while I work.

This actually accomplishes 2 things. Increases their bond but also enforces the very important skill of patience and standing still! The horses’ ability to be able to stand still patiently is one of the most import skills they can have if you want a good driving horse.

This has been told to me by 2 very seasoned driving trainers here and I can certainly see how important that skill is! If they can’t stand still I don’t want them hooked to my cart!

So yes, tying out together while I work outside has been great for them!

The Last Test

For the ultimate ‘can these guys really be a team test?’ I tried a little liberty work with them together.

They both like the follow me liberty games. So off the lead, standing side by side, me in front, I back them up and draw them in several times. I reward heavily!! No fear from Dreamy, no biting from Stormy!

I’d say I have a potential miniature horse driving team now!

Stormy Updates

I’ll do updates on Stormy’s progress through the months. What works and what hasn’t! I’ve never trained or drove a team before so I have just as much, if not more to learn than they do! Dreamy still needs more time in harness alone too. She’s newly trained to drive (by me! yay!) and I’m enjoying her a lot. I’m hoping by the end of summer/fall I’ll have my team pole on the buggy and the team harness properly fitted.

I don’t want to rush anything! I feel like everything works out best if I work at their pace and move on only when they are ready.

A Few More Tips for training the miniature horse or any horse

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