Horse Shirts for Summer! Perfect for trail rides and nights out!

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Need something new and cute now that summer is here? Something to show off your love horses of course! I’ve put together the 8 cutest Horse Tank Tops I could find just waiting to be the next thing you wear on a trail ride or add some jewelry and go out! 

I’ve been busy this year coming up with my own designs that reflect my love for horses, miniature horses, and my long ears!

But there are so many talented people designing these days! With the internet allowing more designers to put their art out there for us all to enjoy it’s easier than ever to have great horse themed clothing! I love what I design but I also love buying other designs to express my horse obsession though fashion! 

I’m all out obsessed with horse themed shirts! I personally love tank tops for summer! It’s so hot and humid in Tennessee I think they are the perfect thing! If its a horse themed tank top then that’s’ the absolute best thing to wear for summer! The perfect trail riding top!

Where to find the Best Horse Tank Tops for Summer?

I’m going to focus on easy places to online shop with some great original designers. I’ll throw my own designs in at the end but right now I want you to take a look at these! So let’s get on with it! 

Horse Themed Tank Tops

The Friesian tank top that’s perfect for going out! I love Friesian horses and I love this all over design. Normally I wouldn’t like an all over design because they can look busy but the designer did a fantastic job on this one! It’s the perfect going out date night tank top! Easily dressed up! 

Here is another fantastic all over print hose themed tank top! Again not to busy and featuring a Mustang! Who doesn’t love Mustangs! This is another one that would be great for a night out.
Here is a more casual Horse Themed Tank Top that would be perfect for a trail ride! “I’d rather be in the stall than the mall!!” Ain’t that the truth!
Another casual tank top. This one is a loose fit and would be so comfy for a ride. Could also dress up with some western style jewelry and a light bolero for a night out!
I love this one! It’s so different from most tank tops I see on the market. The white piping around the neckline and arms really give it an extra touch! Really Nice! Easy to dress up or down! Really eye-catching design.

Cute Spring Horse Floral Design Art Adorable Tank Top

Cute Spring Horse Floral Design Art Adorable Tank Top

by Everyday_Threads

I love the simplicity of this tank top. It’s almost elegant in a way. Clean lines and nothing to distract from the horse. The lines of the horse look amazing against the black! This one would be very flattering on any body shape too!


This is one I designed. I call it the Lucky Horse design. “If you’re lucky enough to have a good horse…then you’re lucky enough! I think most of us can relate to this inspiration! Perfect for a day outside riding!
Also my design here. “There is Nothing Like a Horse” A statement I think all of us have thought more than once and probably said out loud many times too!
Could be dressed up really pretty for a night out. Or dressed down for a ride!

Expressing Horse Love through Fashion

Those are my top favorite horse shirts at the moment, I think! I could seriously have a closet full of horse-themed shirts and be so happy wearing nothing else! Horses look so good on clothes! Being that they are so beautiful and all!

These tops are from one of my favorite shops to seek out original horse designs, Zazzle. They have sales and offer coupons often!

They allow you to customize with different colors and styles too. Most designers allow you to put their design on the other products offered in Zazzle! So you could get a design you relate to possibly put on leggings, a hoodie, a phone case and so much more! Even home decor! Nothing wrong with decking out the house in horse themed stuff too! Seriously one of my personal goals is to use horses more in my home decor. Ok, and donkeys too!

Want More Horse Themed Ideas for Fashion?

Check out my Teespring shop too! You can see more about it here Horse Girl Clothing The designs are the same as my Zazzle shop BUT they do offer a few more color choices if you don’t like the colors Zazzle offers. They also host a lot of talented designers! So browse around a bit there too.

If you like Pinterest please check out my Pinterest boards and follow them for more ideas on horses! I have boards for Horse Lovers Gifts and Horse Shirts. I update and add to my boards every day! So there is always something to see! Horse Girl Life Pinterest Boards

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Till next time! Pick out some cute horse themed tops and saddle (or harness) up!