Horse Lifestyle is a real thing!

How Horses can make your live better and healthier!

Horse Life! No matter if you own a horse, lease a horse, ride horses, drive horses or have pet horses.

I believe an active relationship with horses can make our lives better! 

They can motivate us to be healthier, happier and better people, both mentally and physically.

Horse Life is Everywhere

Relationships with horses are achieved in many ways and horses can influence our lifestyle for the better!

The horse isn’t just at the barn and you don’t just wear cowgirl boots when you ride! It can be what you wear every day and probably in your home decor.

Horse Life can be many things to many people.

It can be trail rides on horseback or in a carriage with the best views! Or maybe it’s partnering with a working horse to improve the farmland you both live on.  Its the smell of the horse and watching the horse contently graze on pasture.  It can simply be a gorgeous horse hair bracelet that makes you smile and think about a special horse.

We all tend to love horse t-shirts, horse coffee mugs, and horse themed jewelry! After all, fashion is just an expression of who you are. We like expressing our love of horses with what we wear, Right Horse Girls? If a fellow horse girl comments on one of our horse themed fashionables we might talk an hour about horses and completely lose track of time!

It’s about going the extra mile to take special care of that horse! We all want our horses to be the happiest and healthiest they can be. Keeping equine lead me to be more fit and healthy than I’ve been my whole life! I believe it can do the same for many people!

That is what this site is about. The Horse Lifestyle. Big horses, Ponies or Little miniature horses, and even sometimes long ears! They can all have a place in your life no matter what your age!

You can read a bit more about how I personally got into horses here if you like. My Journey to Equine!

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